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Choosing a window cleaner
It's not hard to become a window cleaner

At least that's what people think. All you need is a plastic bucket, some detergent, an applicator (sponge or t-bar), a squeegee, and occasionally a ladder and you're all set. The reality is that it isn't quite that simple.

A professional window cleaning company isn't set-up overnight and the last thing most people want is a window cleaner who's only cleaning windows until they get the job that they really want.

A professional window cleaner, who is good at what they do, is hard to find. There is a lot of skill involved in many tasks, and health & safety legislation means that many of them are very highly trained. If you're looking to employ a window cleaner, here are some things you might want to check.

Are they insured?

You don't want an uninsured window cleaner anywhere near your property. No matter how careful they are accidents can happen, and when water is involved it can be downright dangerous. All window cleaners should carry public liability insurance that covers the work they are doing. If they're not insured, and they cause any damage to you or your property, you may have difficulty getting any compensation from them. Your window cleaner may not carry their policy around with them but make sure you see a copy of their policy or proof of this insurance before they start.

You can see our current insurance certificates by clicking here.

Are they licensed?

Huh? Did you know that it is an offence for anyone to trade as, or carry out the work of, a window cleaner in many parts of Scotland if they don't have a license? Each Local Authority in Scotland is given the option of licensing a number of different activities if they occur within their area. Window cleaning is one of these activities. Licenses aren't required in the Scottish Borders or East Lothian, but they are required in every other region that we operate in. Each local authority area operates its own licensing scheme, and a license for one area is not valid in another local authority area.

Part of the licensing scheme for most local authorities involves background and criminal record checks. A licensed window cleaner will have gone through this process and will only have been provided with a license if the results of these checks are satisfactory. If you are engaging a window cleaner in an area that requires a license make sure they have one and ask to see it. If they don't have it, or can't show it to you, don't use them.

Do they work safely?

Health & Safety legislation is designed to make workplaces safe for all people. Your window cleaner has to be aware of these laws and work safely at all times to minimize the risk to themselve's, to you, and to your property. Your window cleaner should be trained in how to do their job safely at all times, and this training should be on-going not a one-off process.

Can you trust them?

Window cleaners have access to your workplace or your home, and you need to be able to trust them. It can sometimes be a gut-feeling that you have, but if you're not comfortable with an individual or company don't use them - no matter how cheap they are. It would be better if all window cleaners were full-time employees of the company they worked for, and that the company was legitimate, but that's not always the case. If you have a choice, only use a professional company that you know is a legitimate business operation with strict recruitment criteria. If they will only work for cash then that's a bad sign, not a saving.

Are they accommodating and friendly?

This should be judged from the first point of contact. If they are slow to respond to queries, don't call you back, aren't willing to commit to a schedule that suits you, and everything seems to be a problem that is difficult or will cost more, then you're probably best off not using them to start with because it's unlikely to get better. If you're already using them, but they aren't courteous, friendly, and respectful of your property, then you'd be best to look for a company who is.

Are they reliable?

Few things are more annoying than companies or people who don't do what they say they will, or don't turn up when you expect them to. Everyone understands that emergencies occur, and sometimes circumstances are beyond anyone's control (such as the weather during winter), but a reliable window cleaner who turns up when expected, and does the work that's been agreed, is a rare thing. If your window cleaner is becoming increasingly unreliable it's not likely to improve and it's time to look for a new one.

Can they provide references?

For window cleaning? Absolutely. Whether it's commercial window cleaning, or the cleaning of your home's windows, it doesn't matter. Your window cleaner should be able to provide you with at least one or two references from someone you can speak to or write to who is getting similar work done. If a company has been recommended by someone you trust then that's usually a good sign too. You might feel silly asking them for a reference, but when they have access to your premises or home, you want to be sure.

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