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Border Window Clean Postcard
Postcards that you can't miss

If you've just received one of our giant postcards, and you've come to our site to find out more about who it was that sent them, then welcome, and thanks for visiting.

If you're visiting this page, but haven't received one of our postcards and feel you've missed out on our amazing frameable work of art, contact us with your name and address and we'll post one to you - we'll even give it to you for free!

Get a free magnet

Yes, we're just full of surprises. Unless you wear clothes with over-sized pockets then our postcard might be too large to fit in them. In that case we have plenty of business cards we can send you with the same design, and we even have business-card-sized magnets that you can stick on your fridge or your filing cabinet if you want to keep our number handy. All you need to do is contact us for a full set. Then you can frame our postcard, gaze at the magnet on the side of your filing cabinet, and take our business card home with you in your pocket, and when you need your windows cleaned you'll always have our number handy.

Why did we deliver a postcard to you?

We want to be your regular window cleaner. We've spent over 30 years cleaning windows and all that practice means that we've got pretty good at it. We have a great team of highly experienced window cleaners who are super-reliable and do an excellent job. We're easy to deal with too. We'll work with a schedule that suits you, we'll be quick, quiet, discreet, and honest with you all the time. We want your business because we don't think anyone does the job better than us, and we want you to recommend us to all your friends, neighbours and business associates. Next time your windows need cleaned, give us a call, email us, or fill out our contact form and ask us for a quote.

Want to see them again?

Here's the front

The front of our giant postcard

and here's the rear

The rear of our giant postcard

or a slightly different version of the rear

The rear of a slightly different giant postcard

Our postcards might be fun sized, but we take our business and our responsibilities very seriously. Over our 30 years in business we've built an excellent reputation for reliability, competitive pricing, customer satisfaction, and high levels of customer service. When you work with us you're dealing with a highly professional and dedicated company.

Contact Us

If you want to discuss your window cleaning needs, please email us, call us, or contact us for a free quotation.


The Reach and Wash System
Reach & Wash

What is Reach & Wash? What's a water-fed pole and why has it revolutionised the window cleaning industry? Is it really all that good? What's so special about it? If you really want to know the answers....

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Environmentally Friendly Cleaning
Green Cleaning

The cleaning industry uses all sorts of nasty detergents and chemicals. We've chosen to do things differently by only using detergents and chemicals when necessary and only those that are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

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Choosing a window cleaner
Choosing a Window Cleaner

It's not rocket science, but there are some things you should look out for and that you should check. We promise this isn't a list of items that are exclusive to us just so we look good, and they might just save you some hassle.

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Border Window Clean Insurance Certificates
Our Insurance Certificates

Your window cleaner should have public liability insurance to cover then for any accidents or problems when they are on your premises. Make sure you check that they have this insurance. You can view our certificates online.

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